Why You Should Shop with a Diamond Concierge

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When you come to shop for jewelry here at Heritage Estate Jewelry, you likely have a specific piece or style in mind. We have a lot of unique estate diamonds and jewelry in our store, so it can be a lot to look for on our own. That’s why we offer the services of our diamond concierge for your convenience.

Why You Should Shop with a Diamond Concierge

Here are the main differences between regular jewelry shopping and shopping with the help of a diamond concierge to help you better understand what to expect from your jewelry shopping experience.

  • Find the perfect piece: When jewelry shopping on your own, you’ll likely be scanning every single row of jewelry you can find, and you could be in the store for a significant amount of time trying to find the perfect piece. Our diamond concierge, however, can help you locate and select just the right diamond or piece of jewelry that you had in mind without having to spend endless minutes of searching.
  • Ensure highest quality: When you’re shopping for jewelry on your own, you’re left to your own untrained eye to decide the quality of your selected diamond, though we only ever offer fine jewelry of high quality in our store. Our diamond concierge can ensure that the diamonds you’re considering buying are of the highest quality and are priced at a fair market value.
  • Never pushy: Some of the sales people at other jewelry counters can be a bit pushy because they get a better commission for the higher sales they make. Our diamond concierge is dedicated only to finding the perfect diamond jewelry for you and will never push you to pick a higher priced item or pay anything other than the fair market value of the piece you choose.

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