What to Expect from Our Jewelry Repair Services

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When you inherit a precious piece of jewelry from a loved one, you might want to wear it as often as possible to keep that loved one close. Therefore, it can be heartbreaking when a meaningful piece of jewelry breaks or starts to wear out. However, a broken necklace or bracelet doesn’t mean you can never wear it again.

What to Expect from Our Jewelry Repair Services

Instead of putting your prized jewelry piece away for good, you can take it to our skilled team at Heritage Estate Jewelry. Here is what you can expect from our jewelry repair services:

  • Quick repairs: We know that your jewelry is special to you. That’s why we work hard to return the repaired jewelry to you as soon as possible. Most of our jewelry repair services are completed within a week, but you can trust that the efficiency of our repairs never comes at the cost of the quality or effectiveness of the repairs.
  • Reliable services: We take pride in our honest and reliable work. We always pay close attention to detail with our jewelry repair services and always take great care of your fine jewelry, so you can continue wearing your favorite newly repaired pieces for many years to come.
  • Wide range of experience: We have many years of experience in the jewelry business, and that experience allows us to be familiar with a wide range of jewelry repair services. We can repair any type of jewelry, including broken necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. We can also offer ring resizing and fix loose stones.

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