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Consign your fine jewelry purchases through us.

At Heritage Estate Jewelry, our consignment service is an easy process in which we showcase, or consignor, your item until it sells. When your item sells, you get paid. Our focus is to pay you the most for your jewelry!

Consignment in Bloomington, Minnesota

Consignment businesses are typically retail stores that specialize in a particular type of consumer product. The business accepts items for sale and agrees to pay the seller a percentage of the proceeds if and when the goods sell. Before we opened our fine jewelry store, our background in the gold and diamond buying business led us to create a better selling experience for jewelry owners in the Bloomington, Minnesota area who are seeking the most for their items. Our consignors typically receive 25-100% more on consignment compared to businesses that purchase jewelry for cash.

Here is what our consignment process looks like:

  • We evaluate all items that are offered for consignment and price based on market value. You do not need to know the history about the item.
  • Our split is 45/55 of the net sale amount (you get 55%).
  • All consignors are paid on the 15th day of month following the sale of their item.
  • In addition to selling at our location in Mall of America, we photograph and inventory all items on our website. We have many customers all over the United States and Canada. Our selection is viewed by thousands of people each month.

The advantages of the consignment model are:

  • Our consignors receive 25-100% more selling with us compared to any business that purchases gold or jewelry outright.
  • Jewelry is very difficult to sell to private parties; our expertise and location in the Mall of America will get the most views and top dollar for your item(s).
  • No need to spend time creating listings on eBay or Etsy or Craigslist to sell items or setting up a retail storefront.
  • No risk of shipping or setting up face-to-face meetings with internet buyers.

For more information about our consignment process, please contact us today.

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FAQs About Consignment

If you enjoy accessorizing, you probably know that it can be hard to find a beautiful piece at the right price, whether you’re looking for handbags or jewelry. On the other hand, if you want to downsize your collection, it can be challenging to find an interested buyer. The good news is that our team at Heritage Estate Jewelry can help you find stunning accessories and sell your items when they are ready for consignment. If you’d like to learn more, check out these frequently asked questions about our consignment services.

How do you find buyers for consignment pieces?

Over the years, we’ve amassed a strong following of buyers and sellers from all over the United States and Canada. When you come to us for consignment services, you can rest assured that your pieces will be seen by a large group of people, giving them the best chance of being sold.

How much can I make selling on consignment?

We offer our consignors 55% of the net sale. This amount is paid on the 15th of the month after the sale, regardless of whether everything you have with us is sold or not. In other words, if one piece sells, you’ll get 55% of that net sale while the other items remain in consignment.

How do you determine value?

Whether it’s a handbag or jewelry, we look at the current market value, the brand, the condition, and other factors to ensure we’re listing it at a fair price.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is bring in your items for consignment. We will carefully evaluate each piece and work with you to come up with a fair price. From there, our skilled team will handle the marketing tasks, photography, and everything else.

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