What Does a Diamond Concierge Do?

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At Heritage Estate Jewelry, we sell and consign fine jewelry pieces, but we are also a diamond concierge. Although you may have heard this term before, you may still be unfamiliar with exactly what a diamond concierge does.

What Does a Diamond Concierge Do?

If you want to purchase a stunning diamond ring, necklace, or earrings, you will not take this purchase lightly. You want your investment to go towards a piece you will value and love wearing for many years to come. And while you can certainly find a piece of jewelry you want to purchase on your own, a diamond concierge is your direct ally when helping you locate and select the perfect piece.

As a diamond concierge, we can help you source the specific type of diamond jewelry you are looking for. And once we help you find the piece you want to buy, we will ensure the diamonds are of the highest quality and determine a fair price for the piece.

And as your diamond concierge, we are loyal to you. We will never try to sell you a piece based on commission or other interests—our loyalty is with you and finding you a diamond piece you love at a fair market price.

If you want to work with a diamond concierge to source and purchase your next piece of diamond jewelry, you can’t go wrong partnering with us. To learn more about what a diamond concierge does and how we can help with your next fine jewelry purchase, contact us today.