What is consignment?

Heritage Estate Jewelry’s Consignment service is an easy process in which we showcase, or consignor, your item until it sells. When your item sells, you get paid. Our focus is to pay you the most for your jewelry! 

Consignment businesses are typically retail stores that specialize in a particular type of consumer product. The business accepts items for sale and agrees to pay the seller a percentage of the proceeds if and when the goods sell. Before we opened Heritage Estate Jewelry, our background in the gold and diamond buying business lead us to create a better selling experience for jewelry owners who are seeking the most for their items. Our consignors typically receive 25-100% more on consignment compared to businesses that purchase jewelry for cash.

Why Consignment?

The advantages of the consignment model are:

  • Our Consignors receive 25-100% more selling with vs any business that purchases gold or jewelry outright.
  • Jewelry is very difficult to sell private party, our expertise and location in Mall of America will get the most views and top dollar for your item(s)
  • No need to spend time creating listings on eBay or Etsy or Craiglist to sell items, or setting up a retail storefront
  • No risk of shipping or face to face meeting with an internet buyer


How Does Consignment Work?

  • We evaluate all items that are offered for consignment and price based on market value. You do not need to know the history about the item.
  • Our split is 45/55 of the net sale amount. (See store for details)
  • All consignors are paid on the 15th day of month following the sale of their item. I.E. If the item sale occurs in May, the check is written June 15th.
  • In addition to selling at our location in Mall of America, we photograph and inventory all items on our website. We have many customers all over the United States and Canada. Our selection is viewed by thousands of people each month.

Our History


  • Our company began online years ago, selling estate jewelry to individuals and businesses.
  • We opened our first retail location in Southdale Mall in 2018 and were overwhelmed by the response from consignors and customers. The store was relocated to Mall of America in 2019 for increased exposure to shopping crowds from all over the world.
  • We have sold thousands of pieces of estate jewelry and handbags since our inception. We’ve assisted hundreds of consignors with selling old or unwanted jewelry and getting the most money for their estate jewelry!




We are professionals in the Luxury Estate & Jewelry business.

Top dollar

Heritage Estate Co. markets your item for you on Consignment. We do not attempt to purchase estate items by making low-ball offers.

locally owned

We have roots in Minneapolis and are committed to assisting our friends, family and neighbors with their shopping & selling needs.


Heritage Estate Co. offers competitive terms and pay our consignees quickly following a sale.